Ballast Cleaner with Mfs

With the ballastcleaner a Matisa C75 (Strukton name C750) can we clean ballast without breaking the track. They will be placed under the track a chain under the railway which the dirty ballast digging away and spends one arm up in the machine present screen, this screen protective ballast cleaning, the clean ballast from 3 to 6
cm wide go through several conveyors back to the track. The soiled ballast become discharged via a conveyor belt in a Mfs train 100 which is .The Mfs wagon 100 of Plasser and Theurer for its chain consists of a large conveyor belt on the bottom of the wagon the dirty ballast falls into it, and become to a conveyor belt which obliquely from the transports under the first wagon upwards from the second car until the last car has since become the collected until it is full they charge so all cars full until the final. We can also have a train load on the track next to it that we do with the ULS 3000 D Plasser and Theurer is a wagon to unload it has a conveyor belt that can swivel to the left or right so that over the train can get on the adjacent track. If all this is done
there will be new ballast on and the machine will stop again leveled, the stabilizer stabilizes the track and ballast plow profiled rail and can last for years again.